First stage
First stage








It took me huge efforts ...












My elder son gets ... married. Yes married, a wedding, an official alliance ... 

It took me a while to realize. Why on earth ? Anyway, it is his decision.


And the ceremony is to take place in South Africa.

I don't doubt this part of the African continent is full of charms and ... he lives there. That's good enough a reason for choosing this location, I admit.


But there's not one hair on my scalp which desires to visit it. Don't know why, don't ask me. 

Haven't got the first penny for the travel costs either. And he didn't ask. 


Well, at first.

But then, insidiously, like a clever Coetzee's novel, rumour had it I was wanted on the spot for the occasion.

I, me? He had always told me I was a "good mate", never considered me a responsible father. And right he was: I wasn't, cannot be. I love him ... like a son, of course, but I'm unable to take full charge like most fathers do. Haven't got this fiber. I can try to be helpful, give advice, share fun and hardship as well, but I cannot carry the roots of paternity. It's not in me, never was. I don't believe in it. It doesn't mean I don't care, it's just ... beyond my control.


So, you never know, I ordered an identity card first - mine was long out of date. Took me ages to get. I don't believe in nationality either; you know flags, anthems, being born somewhere, ancestors, local deities, all that shit. The world belongs to those who work on it. 


But so what? ID is not good enough: you need a passport, a full passport, anthropometrically certified and everything.

So I paid the fee, and went to Toulouse to get my face shot, my fingerprints officialized and everything ready for this Sesame.


And here it is: it has arrived.


There is more, we are screening the travel fares of the various airline companies. Oh yes, Christine will accompany me.

And so will Virginie, my daughter. She cannot imagine, not even for one second, that she will let her Johan brother get married in her absence. What the Hell have I done? Are these my kids allright? 


I must confess a family conspiracy has even contributed part of the sinews of war, to make sure I cannot escape on account of alleged poverty. Would you believe it? 


And then, not so long ago, an official invitation on behalf of the lucky pair made its arrival ... through a social network.


I see no way out. I shall attend, will attend, unless my existence be interrupted.


Johan, and sweet Megan as well, I reassure you: once there, I will be joyful, and merry, and happy. And in earnest so. 

But I do this just for you because I love you like a ... father. 

I wouldn't do it for anyone else ... except Loïc or Virginie, that is.

Please, the two of you (last-named), everything in due time.

I'm not in any kind of hurry for you to do the same!


J'veux qu'on rie, j'veux qu'on danse

J'veux qu'on s'amuse comme des fous

J'veux qu'on rie, j'veux qu'on danse

Quand c'est qu' j'serai chez les Zoulous ... 





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